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21st-25th September 2021
The Higgins, Bedford

Bedford Disability Awareness Week (BDAW) is Bedford’s first event dedicated
to raising awareness of the disabled community to the wider population,
whilst at the same time raising awareness of the support and organisations
out there for people to access.

All too often people are placed in boxes, they have a physical disability, he has a
learning disability, she has a mental illness, etc. In reality, life is more complex
and many of us fit into several of these boxes. Despite the nature of our
conditions a lot of us meet very similar day to day challenges and frustrations.

We can all share our passions, interests and our individual creativity.
BDAW aims to be a platform to discuss challenges, signpost individuals to help
and support, inform and interact with the wider community and provide an
opportunity for your organisation to recruit new members/volunteers.
BDAW also aims to celebrate the talent and creativity within our community
by promoting work from artists with disabilities, holding competitions and

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